Getting Started: Onboarding and Data Conversion

The Apex Data Migration Team provides full conversion assistance to get you up and running fast with reduced disruption and stress.

Payroll software conversion is easier than you think with Apex HCM

Typically, if someone has told you that they’re incredibly unhappy with their current payroll system yet not willing to change, it means they’ve gone through a conversion that was hard. With the right payroll products, services, and a skilled implementation team, conversion is easier, faster and far less stressful than you may think. Most importantly, it may prove your most competitive and profitable move yet.

Payroll Software Conversion - Easier with Apex by IRIS Professional Services

The Professional Services Team provides:

Considering a Conversion?

Apex HCM has cracked the code of successful, stress-free payroll software conversions. We provide three levels of assistance to help move your payroll firm to a more modern platform and ease your transition away from the legacy payroll system that’s limiting your success.

Full-Service Conversion

Full-Service Conversion

The Client Success Manager will train your team and/or assist in creating client shells, customizable according to industry verticals and other nuances. Then, with your assistance, the data conversion team will extract your current payroll data from your platform.

On-Site Conversion

On-Site Conversion

Senior Conversion Consultants will complete the full conversion at your location. This is a popular option for payroll firms with larger, more complex or niche client bases and for those that simply prefer to keep all data onsite with face-to-face coordination and conversion.

Assisted Conversion

Assisted Conversion

This option is available if no data exports are available from the current payroll platform. In this case The Apex HCM Conversion Team will take on the task of entering your employee data and current year history wages by quarter into the system manually.

Whitepaper: Payroll Software Conversion – Easier Than You Think, More Essential Than You Know

Are you ready to switch payroll software vendors, but have not because of the conversion process?

Converting doesn’t have to cause headaches. Read our latest whitepaper on strategies to simplify the conversion process. Make sure you have the right payroll software and the right partner to make the transition as easy as possible.

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