About Us

Industry Leading HCM Technology. Unmatched Personal Service.

Our Story

In 1989, Apex HCM’s founder and CEO, Stephen W. Gregg, began a quest to build an industry leading payroll services technology platform while simultaneously providing unmatched personal service. Having founded and run a successful payroll, timekeeping and services technology firm, Stephen noticed that most payroll service bureau technology firms operated legacy systems with outdated databases, outdated architecture and little ability to scale or migrate to the cloud. Stephen knew that for payroll service bureau owners to remain successful long-term, they needed new solutions, cloud technology, and much better customer service.

Today, with nearly 30 years of experience, Apex stands as the industry leader in combining technology and personal service to streamline payroll and other workforce management processes. We provide unparalleled local service, on a national scale, coupled with a powerful portfolio of scalable technology products. This unique approach, allows our customers to provide the products and services of a large Human Capital Management company with the personal service of a local office. With over 250 offices throughout the United States and Guam, thousands of small, medium and enterprise businesses count on our cloud-based technology and extensive suite of Payroll, Tax, Time and Attendance, HR and unmatched personal service to power their businesses.

Our Mission

Develop industry leading HCM technology, listen to our clients, and deliver unmatched personal service with best-in-class, comprehensive, customizable and fully integrated payroll, tax, HR, time and attendance technology solutions designed for the small, medium and enterprise business service providers.

Industry Leading Technology

Deliver flexible and scalable technology normally reserved for large enterprises that cost-effectively meets the needs of all our customer’s clients today and for years to come.

Unmatched Personal Service

One size does not fit all.  Provide the resource support our customers need to scale their businesses without sacrificing what sets them apart … their unparalleled local service and expertise.

Our Passion

Like our customers, we are passionate about what we do. We realize that our products and services change the lives of everyone who uses them. From the small business owner who wants to take a weekend vacation with his family, to the employee who really needs his paycheck on time. Doing what we do and doing it right is important.  For us, just keeping pace with the industry is not enough. We remain committed to discovering and creating game-changing technology that is rooted in listening and understanding what our customers and their clients need.

We achieve success only through our customers’ success.  We are driven and dedicated to ensuring that our customers have what they need to differentiate themselves and win in the marketplace.

Our Leaders

Are you one of us?

Apex is rapidly growing. Join our team as we create technology solutions that will change the very landscape of our industry.

Association Partnerships

Apex HCM is a committed to association partnerships and staying up-to-date on best practices, rapidly changing regulations, and industry trends. We’re proud of our partnerships with the following organizations: