Take Control of Your Payroll

Tired of paying exorbitant payroll and HR outsourcing fees? Bring your payroll in-house to save money, process payroll on your schedule and comply with ever-changing regulations.

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Bringing payroll in-house is easier than you think

You need to pay your employees on time, and be compliant with ever changing regulations and taxes, but outsourcing payroll is expensive and inflexible. Bringing your payroll in-house can reduce your costs related to payroll by 50% or more and you can run payroll on your own schedule.

With Apex HCM you gain the best of both worlds: the efficiency and accuracy of a payroll service, tailored to the needs of your business using a full featured, but user-friendly platform. The adage I can do it myself better, less expensively, and more efficiently has never rung truer.

See how easy the platform is to use

Easy to use. Convenient. Reliable.

The Apex HCM solution operates in the cloud enabling easy setup and no expensive hardware. Apex converts your employees from your legacy platform or outsourcer* and we keep you updated on compliance and taxes.

Using the convenient, reliable and easy to use software, you can manage your payroll, employee onboarding, time & attendance and more, on one simple system.

With the Apex HCM Hybrid solution, you will get:

Apex HCM Employer on the GO for you and myGO for your employees

Employer on the GO is the human capital platform designed with the employer in mind. This intuitive, modern platform equips employers with everything needed to manage their workforce, from recruitment to retirement. myGO, our employee mobile app, enables your staff to view their paystubs, request time off, clock in and out (even with GEO enabled timekeeping!) and more, directly from their phone. 

Employer on the GO

Apex HCM employer dashboard
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Apex HCM employee time keeping
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