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All-in-one, customizable, HCM suite of HR and Payroll solutions to service your clients and grow your business.


Apex’s cloud-based payroll technology is specifically designed for the high-volume processing needs of payroll service bureaus.

Human Resources

Whether your clients are looking for a full HCM platform or simply applicant tracking and onboarding capabilities - Apex HCM has you covered.

Time & Attendance

Simple and seamlessly integrated, our proprietary time and attendance solutions will dramatically improve the productivity and reliability of your clients’ payroll processes.

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Apex Payroll & Human Capital Management Technology

Convenient, Easy to Use and Reliable

Payroll Year-End Guide

This guide will

  • Walk you through the tasks that need to be done, from specific reports and filings that are due to audits that have to take place.
  • Provide a check-list to prepare for year end.
  • List the forms that must be submitted and due dates.
  • What items and information you need to collect from clients.
  • Best practices from two Payroll Service Bureau Owners on how to have a smooth and compliant payroll year end.

Apex Support Makes It Simple

Your Apex dedicated Client Success Manager will ensure you have all the resources needed to serve your clients, grow and compete.

Onboarding and Data Conversion

The Apex Data Migration Team provides full conversion assistance to get you up and running fast with  reduced disruption and stress.

Live Support and Training

Apex leads the industry in unmatched personal service with an experienced, live support team, online community and  more.

Growing Your Business

From training to onboarding, to software support and ongoing consultation, we provide thehelp you need to scale your business. 

Who We Serve

Whether you are currently providing your clients with payroll and other HCM solutions, or looking to generate new revenue streams with expanded offerings, Apex delivers turn-key, yet customizable solutions designed to make you and your clients more profitable.

Payroll Service Bureaus

Whether you are just getting started or switching payroll software platforms, Apex has all the functionality you need in a secure, easy to use platform backed by best-in-class support.

Accounting Firms

Nearly 50% of Apex’s service bureau base are Accountants – we know Accountants and know how to help grow (not outsource) your business

Business Process Outsourcing

Apex understands some service bureaus want to focus on back office services and others want to focus on sales and growth 

In-House Payroll

Cost-effective solutions to enable you to process payroll on your schedule, while ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulation and taxes.

Insurance Brokers

Integrated solutions to enable you to compete and win against growing competitive pressure from national payroll companies operating in your market.

HR Professionals

Apex understands growing HR outsourcing firms. Apex will support you with a host of products and services that will easily integrate with your current systems and provide you new revenue streams.

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