Want to change your payroll software platform but concerned about data migration and onboarding?

Converting data and onboarding staff and clients can be quick and painless with the right resources.

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Switching Payroll Software Platforms: Easier Than You Think, More Essential Than You Know

Do you want to switch payroll software vendors, but have not because you are worried about the conversion process? Or are you concerned about onboarding your clients and employees to something new? Wondering what kind of ongoing support you will get after the switch has been made?

Many payroll service providers are not happy with their current platform due to lack of technology advancements and upgrades, a dated user interface, insufficient features, poor support and more. Typically, if someone has told you that they’re incredibly unhappy with their current payroll system yet not willing to change, it means they’ve gone through a conversion that was hard.  Download the webinar recording to hear from a Payroll Service Bureau that successfully switched platforms. They explain:

    • Why they changed their payroll software platform
    • How they handled the conversion and onboarding
    • The effect of the software change on their business

We also discussed different conversion plans and processes to make data migration painless and hear how to make a software platform change one of your most profitable moves yet.

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Read how one Payroll Service Bureau made a software platform change that has made ALL the difference in staff workload, customer satisfaction and the growth of their business

Download this customer success story to learn why and how Applied Payroll Solutions switched their payroll & HR software platform and the impact on their business. They discuss:

  • Why switching platforms was necessary to add more clients (and retain current clients)
  • How they converted all their data to a new platform and the results of the conversion.
  • Ongoing support during and after the conversion.
  • Client and prospective client feedback on the software change.
“If someone had asked just nine months ago whether we could add another 100 clients in the next 10 months, I’d have said no. Growth of any amount just wasn’t scalable. Now, that growth engine has started running and we’re finally saying, ‘Alright, let’s go get another 100 clients.'”
“Conversions are never easy. No matter what you’re converting, there are always 1,000 moving parts. Working with Apex’s conversion specialists, we realized that the process would go far quicker and easier than we expected. That’s what sealed the deal.”

– Martin Nowlin, CEO, Applied Payroll Solutions

Apex HCM By IRIS has cracked the code of successful, stress-free payroll software conversions. We provide three levels of assistance to help move your payroll firm to a more modern platform and ease your transition away from the legacy payroll system that’s limiting your success.
Full Service Conversion
On-Site Conversion
Assisted Conversion

Your Most Competitive and Profitable Move Yet

Converting doesn’t have to cause headaches. Read our payroll software conversion whitepaper on strategies to simplify the conversion process and make the transition as easy as possible.

Here’s what other Payroll Service Bureaus experienced...

Today’s savviest payroll service bureaus do much more than add up hours, calculate pay and issue checks. Increasingly, they are taking on additional HR and accounting-related functions involving tax collection, payment and compliance; time and attendance; and a range of operations that follow employees through the lifetime of their workplace tenure, from applicant tracking to onboarding, through talent development and into retirement. The linchpin is the right payroll and HCM software platform. And the product that worked yesterday may be woefully inadequate for remaining competitive into the future. This blog talks about the top reasons that payroll service bureaus jettisoned their prior platforms and converted to a different software platform and the impact on their business.

If your current provider isn’t offering the right support and technology, we should talk.

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