All the tools you need in one easy and versatile solution

Employer OnDemand is designed to accommodate all businesses, not by taking a one-size-fits-all approach, but by being highly customizable so we can tailor it to match the requirements of your business. Employer OnDemand is the perfect tool for your payroll, it is everything you need in one convenient comprehensive system.


Apex Payroll’s Employer OnDemand allows you to take control of your payroll. This easy to use, scalable and secure online payroll system provides you with a flexible and reliable resource for payroll data collection, review, reporting and printing.



Apex Payroll uses state-of-the-art techniques to ensure your sensitive data is private and secure. We follow rigorous standards for the production and reliability of your data, enabling you to focus on running your business, knowing with confidence your sensitive data is being managed properly.


Reporting has been revolutionized. You have easy and convenient access to your data. Employer OnDemand offers real time access to payroll reports each pay period and you can also run numerous reports from your historical data. You can quickly create reports from the Rapid Report Tool.