Insurance Brokers

National payroll service companies are aggressively expanding their services to capture revenue from the sale of insurance benefits and retirement plans, including health insurance, workers’ compensation, and 401(k) plans. Previously these national players only targeted large companies for these expanded offerings, but this is changing.  As businesses of all size seek to simplify their ever-growing employee management responsibilities, even small businesses need an all-in-one solution. The national players now understand that an opportunity exists for them right in your market.   No surprise that small businesses are now receiving an onslaught of promotional messages and offerings from the national service providers.

Unlike the national payroll companies, Apex does not compete with you in your core business.  Rather, we are committed to serving you.  We can provide you with the integrated solutions to enable you to compete and win against these national competitors. Apex clients are able to grow and succeed in the face of this growing competitive pressure.

Our comprehensive, yet turnkey solutions can be tailored to cost-effectively meet the needs of all your clients, making you and your clients more profitable.

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