Accounting Firms, CPAs, Bookkeepers, and Tax Preparation Firms

You are your clients’ most trusted advisor.  They chose you because of your expertise and personal service.  But with growth you discover skyrocketing administrative costs and an increased challenge to maintain the personal service level that sets you apart.  In addition, rapid changes in payroll, tax, benefits and other HR rules and regulations, makes it more difficult today for you scale your own business.

At Apex, we work everyday to serve you and leverage technology that helps you do more.  Let Apex give you the tools you need to streamline your own business, reduce administrative costs, and get you back focused on providing your clients expertise and personal service.  Apex tailors our comprehensive yet flexible solutions to match the requirements of all your clients’ businesses. With our products and services, you have the power of one secure and easy login for all your clients and immediate secure access to all your clients’ data, reports, W-2/1099 information, tax payments and more.

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