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Payroll Service Bureaus

Historically, payroll service bureaus operated within a very labor-intensive business model.  As a result, a decade ago, Apex introduced a more efficient and effective back office technology.  Apex designed our HCM technology platform to handle the high-volume processing environment of payroll service bureaus while simultaneously providing the flexibility and customizability you need to grow a profitable payroll service business. Apex focuses not only on providing cost-efficiency but also on delivering functionality to help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace.  Apex provides the resource support you need to scale your business, without having to sacrifice what sets you apart … your unparalleled local service and expertise.  We understand the competitive pressures you face going head-to-head with large payroll companies, so we provide an enterprise-level, comprehensive, yet turnkey solutions that can be tailored to cost-effectively meet the needs of all your clients, making you and your clients more profitable.