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5 Top Social Media Sites for Payroll Service Bureaus and other B2B Marketers

If you think that social media is only effective for companies promoting products and services to consumers, think again. When used effectively, it can prove a gold mine for business-to-business marketers, including payroll software and service bureaus. In fact, research shows that a full 83 percent of B2B marketers use social media, making it the most common B2B marketing tactic. … Continued

Labor Law Posters: Client Compliance Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Labor Law Compliance

Among the most overlooked legal requirements of new and smaller businesses are federal and state labor law posters. In fact, research shows that upward of 80 percent of companies are noncompliant and at risk for court actions and civil penalties potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars. If you own or manage a payroll service bureau, adding labor law poster … Continued

I-9 Audits Expected to Rise Sharply in 2018 – Are Your Clients Prepared?

As politicos on Capitol Hill battle it out over US immigration policy, employers and human resources service providers nationwide must take heed as to just how the increasingly contentious issue may affect them. That’s because I-9 audits, designed to crack down on ineligible workers, are expected to soar in number this year – more than triple the number of those … Continued

3 of 4 Business are Underinsured – Is Yours Protected?

It’s a disconcerting statistic: Three in four US companies are underinsured and some 40 percent of small businesses have no insurance at all. So, when faced with an unexpected disaster or lawsuit, many are left unprotected with their assets, employees and futures hanging in the balance. Chances are, your payroll service bureau is among those uninsured or underinsured businesses – … Continued