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10 Fast-Growing Industries Payroll Firms Should Target in 2019

Looking to grow your payroll software and service firm in 2019? To help you develop a targeted approach to client recruitment, consider these 10 industries projecting significant job growth in 2019 and beyond: Construction – Residential and Commercial: Construction, remodeling and renovation of single-family homes grew nine-percent in 2018 and forecasters expect that growth to accelerate in 2019. Non-residential construction … Continued

5 Tips to Perfect Your Payroll Sales Emails

Email users worldwide will send and receive upward of 281 billion emails per day in 2018 – a figure expected to hit 333 billion per day in the next five years. With an ever growing array of social media communications technologies cropping up from all directions you may be thinking  the old fashioned sales email has gone the way of … Continued

“Reflections on PASBA Fall 2018 Conference” – Apex HCM President Marty Hamby

This week I attended the PASBA Conference (Professional Association of Small Business Accountants) in Las Vegas.  Apex HCM sponsored, exhibited and presented a session during the conference.  We also co-hosted a cocktail party with one of our HCM partners, Kotapay.  The room was packed and everyone had a great time.  I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to get out of my … Continued

ACA Open Enrollment: What’s New, What Stays the Same in 2019

Healthcare reform and its effects on employers, employees and the payroll software and services field have been a matter of much discussion – and confusion – over the past few years.  Adding the confusion is speculation over just how President Trump’s repeal-and-replace effort ultimately will impact the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act. Though “Obamacare”, as it’s widely known, has not … Continued

White Paper – New Revenue Engine

This week Apex published our latest white paper entitled, “The New Revenue Engine for Payroll Service Bureaus.”  This research paper explores the rapidly growing trend of traditional payroll service bureaus shifting to a broader revenue model of providing new technology and human capital management (HCM) services. While I am proud of our research, I must say that I am more proud … Continued

How to Handle Negative Social Media

Last week, we published a blog post outlining details of the five top social media sites for payroll software and service bureaus and other B2B marketers. But a social media presence can be something of a double-edged sword. After all, while 71 percent of consumers who have positive experiences with a brand on social media are likely to recommend, those … Continued

5 Top Social Media Sites for Payroll Service Bureaus and other B2B Marketers

If you think that social media is only effective for companies promoting products and services to consumers, think again. When used effectively, it can prove a gold mine for business-to-business marketers, including payroll software and service bureaus. In fact, research shows that a full 83 percent of B2B marketers use social media, making it the most common B2B marketing tactic. … Continued

Cold Calling: 5 Stats and 5 Tips for Your Payroll Software & Service Sales Reps

Cold Calling Tips

Few phrases strike fear and loathing in the hearts of sales reps more  than “cold calling”. In fact, more than 40% of salespeople consider prospecting – particularly via cold-calling – the most challenging part of their work. And with good reason. Consider these statistics:   Reaching a prospects requires 8 to 18 cold call attempts. 80% of sales require five … Continued

“Observations from Align 2018” – Apex HCM CEO Robert Digby

Align 2018

Earlier this month, Apex HCM headed to the Big Easy and celebrated our 10th anniversary with our customers at the Apex Align 2018 Conference in New Orleans. Much has changed over the past decade since a dedicated group of industry veterans set out to disrupt the payroll software industry and founded Apex HCM. I am tremendously proud of what the … Continued

5 Top Types of Payroll Fraud

Payroll Fraud

Clinical laboratory giant Quest Diagnostics learned  the hard way when a criminally shrewd manager  swiped $1.2 million from the company via bogus expense invoices. A Delaware school district took a $150,000 hit when its finance director padded his own paycheck for eight years. And a Washington, DC postal worker netted himself $40,000 in unearned wages by fabricating a claim that … Continued