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Apex HCM S3 Series: Tips for Attracting and Training Today’s Top Millennial Payroll/HCM Sales Staff

This year marks the passing of the baton from the Baby Boomers to the Millennials as the nation’s largest living adult generation, according to population projections from the US Census Bureau. Within a decade, Millennials, defined as those aged 18-35 in 2015, will comprise 75 percent of the nation’s workforce. But they’re already proving a substantial force in Corporate America. … Continued

Three Top Mistakes Made by New Payroll Companies and How to Avoid Them

A 2018 survey by Accounting Today showed that more than half – 56 percent – of small accounting firms nationwide offer payroll services and another 10 percent plan to add them. Some 65 percent of medium-sized firms and 69 percent of large firms also do payroll, with 13 percent and six percent, respectively, planning to add those services. And with … Continued

Five Top Tips for Creating Visibility for Your Payroll Firm

As of 2018, the North American payroll and human resources market boasted a $7 billion value. If you’re looking to get your piece of that incredibly profitable pie, you’ll need to boost your marketing game – especially if you’re among the growing number of entrepreneurs launching or looking to grow payroll firms. Not only are you competing against your similarly-sized … Continued

Five Critical Factors in Payroll Startups

The payroll and human resources market value surpassed $7 billion in North America alone in 2018 and is expected to hit $41.6 billion globally by 2026, according to a recent report by Transparency Market Research. In fact, some 80 percent of enterprises plan to purchase or upgrade their talent management solutions over the next few years. These figures add up … Continued

Five Stress Relievers After Close of Tax Season

Tax season, that fist-clenching, teeth-grinding and head-pounding time of year. Across the board, it’s a hectic time for most anyone, but especially for those working in accounting-related fields, including payroll professionals. After all, you must contend with your own personal and business taxes but also help your clients with their tax filing. Now that another tax year is nearly wrapped, … Continued

Grow Your Payroll Business Through Integration

Last week, Apex HCM announced the integration of our payroll software platform with Employee Navigator. If you didn’t catch the press release or the blog post from Lindsay Edgerley, Employee Navigator, I encourage to follow the clicks. Employee Navigator is the leading benefits administration platform. While this partnership certainly marks another expansion of the Apex HCM platform, it actually highlights … Continued

A New Distribution Channel for your SBO

We hear the term “HCM” regularly in our line of work and we usually relate it to “HCM technology”. But why is this important? The definition for Human Capital Management is “a set of practices related to people resource management which are focused on providing specific competencies to an organization in three categories: Workforce Acquisition, Workforce Management, and Workforce Optimization.” … Continued

Four Low-Cost, High-Return Marketing Tips for Your Payroll Service Firm

Statista.com forecasts revenue of payroll service firms in the United States to reach $41.1 billion by 2020 – nearly double industry revenues of $25.7 billion in 2010. This growth suggests immense opportunity exists for the growing number of small and mid-sized payroll software and service firms throughout the United States. But make no mistake – there’s fierce competition for those … Continued

Pat McTamney – Growing My Payroll Business

Last month I received a surprising and pleasant call from my friends at Apex.  Apex nominated me for an IPPA Sales Leader Award recognizing the sales growth of my payroll service bureau, Premier Payroll Services.   If you are not familiar with the IPPA, it’s the Independent Payroll Providers Association, an industry group for hundreds of small payroll bureaus like me … Continued

Three Common Tax Time Scams That Target Payroll

Tax season is upon us. Unfortunately, so is scam season. The Internal Revenue Service recently warned of an expected surge in phishing emails involving payroll direct deposit and transfer scams as well as growing W-2 cons. All three are a form of what cyber security professionals call “business email compromise” (BEC) attacks. They work because they come disguised as emails … Continued