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S3 Series | Mobile Payroll: Employer Benefits, Payroll Service Bureau Opportunities | Apex HCM

In a recent Deloitte survey on global payroll operations trends, researchers found that use of online payroll self-service functionality is increasingly popular, with 83 percent of responding employers offering employees the ability to, at a minimum, view pay statements online. But the savviest payroll and HCM software and services providers are taking it step further, offering apps that extend that … Continued

Diving into Internal System Enhancements after Apex HCM Ransomware Attack

two men at coffee shop one on laptop looking into apex HCM ransomware

According to ZDNet, 76% of U.S. businesses have experienced a cyberattack in the past year. While at the time of our ransomware attack we were actively utilizing 3 different AV programs, a new variant of ransomware caused us to become a part of the 76%. Since the Apex HCM ransomware attack, we have taken it upon ourselves to enhance every … Continued

New Predictive Threat Analysis Tool to Prevent Future Apex Ransomware Attacks

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After extensive research, analysis, and cyber consultation, we learned that the key to minimizing the risk of another Apex ransomware attack occurring is by leveraging the predict-and-prevent method to our security measures. While we were adequately utilizing various types of security measures during the time of the February attack, we have since implemented a more advanced,  high-tech, cloud predictive threat … Continued

Key Security Initiatives Taken After Apex Ransomware Attack

Apex Ransomware Response man on computer with digital lock logo

On February 18th, 2019, we identified that our network was impacted by a new variant of ransomware. But we weren’t the only ones. Last year, over 850 million ransomware infections were detected worldwide, and every 40 seconds a business is hit with a ransomware attack.  We’ve taken this Apex ransomware attack incredibly seriously, as our customers and their businesses are … Continued

Apex Payroll Ransomware Introduction of 24/7 Third-Party Monitoring

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Our number one mission after being informed that our network had been impacted by a ransomware attack was to protect client data at all costs. After an extensive forensic investigation* reported that no unauthorized access to or exfiltration of customer data occurred, we immediately took action to help minimize future cyber risk and reinstill customer confidence and trust by introducing … Continued

S3 Series | Top Benefits of Payroll and HCM Integration | Apex HCM

Once upon a time, payroll was its own thing, as were human resources, benefits, talent management and time and labor. Each was a fully separate department with related but ultimately independent functions. No more. Today, payroll and HCM (Human Capital Management) functions are increasingly singular services entity. And if your payroll service bureau isn’t offering an integrated solution, you’re already … Continued

HCM Tips for Payroll Service Bureaus Serving Small Businesses | Apex HCM

Whether a small startup or an enterprise-level industry giant, employers all need a few of the same basics when it comes to payroll and human capital management (HCM) and every single one of them stands to benefit from cloud-based HCM software and services. Some just don’t know it yet, but HCM technology market trends assure they will soon. In Deloitte’s … Continued

Year-End Preparation Tips for Payroll Service Bureaus | Apex HCM

A new year is fast upon us. If you haven’t yet begun your year-end preparations, “You’re behind the 8-ball,” say Greg Javins and Brian Perkins of Apex HCM. Planning, planning, planning,” is top priority says Javins, Apex’s Vice President of Operations. “Having a good game plan in going into year-end as to how you’re going to tackle bonus payrolls; how … Continued

S3 Series | Three Payroll Mistakes DIY Employers Make | Apex HCM

According to a recent report by Raleigh, NC-based procurement intelligence firm Beroe, Inc., the global market for payroll outsourcing will rise to upward of $22 billion next year – up from $16.4 billion in 2015. If you’re starting or building a payroll service bureau, a share of that growing opportunity can be yours if you understand just how outsourcing payroll … Continued

New Federal W-4 – and What it Means for Clients | Apex HCM

Drawing on input from payroll professionals and taxpayers, the US Department of the Treasury and the IRS released a new design for the Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, for calendar year 2020. Yes, it’s one more thing on the tax-time to-do list. But, according to Apex HCM’s Vice President of Product Management, Wes Muschara, it’s also “an opportunity for … Continued