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Five Musts for Keeping Millennial Employees Happy

Nine months following the close of World War II, “the cry of the baby was heard across the land,” as historian Landon Jones would describe the Baby Boomers trend. Some 3.4 million babies were born in 1946 – more than any year before in the US. This rate continued over the next two decades, until Boomers numbered some 76.4 million, … Continued

What PSBs and Employers Need to Know About the New Form W-4

The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed in to law by President Trump late last year, has many payroll service bureaus and employers scurrying to understand how the newly enacted legislation will affect their clients and employees. Of particular concern is the impact of the act’s suspension of personal exception deductions – a key component of the IRS’s Form … Continued

5 Reasons CPAs Refer Clients to Payroll Service Bureaus – And How Your PSB Can Land Those Referrals

Ask any entrepreneur or senior-level manager who their most trusted financial advisor is and their answer almost invariably will be their CPA. After all, few other employees or vendors are as intimately knowledgeable about a business’s inner workings and true state. So, when seeking prospective new clients, savvy payroll service bureaus know that a referring CPA can be a godsend. … Continued

Why Employees Quit Their Jobs – And How You Can Convince Them to Stay

Any savvy entrepreneur or manager knows that employee retention is a key factor in business success. That’s because each employee loss comes with a high and often avoidable cost. Results of a study recently published in Employee Benefit News show that it costs an employer an average 33 percent of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement. In dollar … Continued

Labor Law Posters: Client Compliance Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Among the most overlooked legal requirements of new and smaller businesses are federal and state labor law posters. In fact, research shows that upward of 80 percent of companies are noncompliant and at risk for court actions and civil penalties potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars. If you own or manage a payroll service bureau, adding labor law poster … Continued

I-9 Audits Expected to Rise Sharply in 2018 – Are Your Clients Prepared?

As politicos on Capitol Hill battle it out over US immigration policy, employers and human resources service providers nationwide must take heed as to just how the increasingly contentious issue may affect them. That’s because I-9 audits, designed to crack down on ineligible workers, are expected to soar in number this year – more than triple the number of those … Continued

How New Software Boosted Growth for a Payroll Service Bureau

Much has changed in the payroll services business since the founding of Taunton, MA based One Check HCM in 1996. Payroll providers are now providing human capital management services via software to streamline processes for recruiting, onboarding, ACA, and many other human resources activities. Today’s savviest employees demand mobile access and self-service portals where they can set up profiles, change … Continued

Paying Your Interns: 7 Rules, 7 Reasons

For many years, businesses counted on unpaid interns for a slew of free services, from making copies to making coffee, in exchange for allowing eager young students a first-hand glimpse at the careers they were studying. But a game-changing lawsuit filed in 2011 by a group of students interning at a New York film studio temporarily cooled the practice. In … Continued

Three of Four Business are Underinsured – Is Yours Protected?

It’s a disconcerting statistic: Three in four US companies are underinsured and some 40 percent of small businesses have no insurance at all. So, when faced with an unexpected disaster or lawsuit, many are left unprotected with their assets, employees and futures hanging in the balance. Chances are, your payroll service bureau is among those uninsured or underinsured businesses – … Continued

The 4 Cs of a Great Hire

A top success key for any business is selecting the right candidate for every position. Making a great hire can help save money and time, maximize productivity and boost morale, while the wrong hire can wreak financial and reputational havoc. Consider these statics:   The average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal up to 30 percent of that individual’s … Continued