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Not Your Father’s Users’ Conference

One key to success, business or personal, is listening. Listen to what your wife tells you for sure. Also, listen to your kids, your employees and your clients. Within all that feedback you will figure out what needs to be done. Next month, Sept 21-22, Apex hosts our annual users’ conference. Before constructing this year’s event we did a lot … Continued

Competitive Intelligence Can Drive Service Bureau Success

“In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the one sure source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge.” So says Ikujiro Nonaka, the Japanese organizational theorist and Professor Emeritus at the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy of the Hitotsubashi University. Arguably, the most important bit of knowledge that your payroll or human resources service bureau can use is … Continued

Four Ways to Cash In on the $41.6 Billion Global Payroll and HR Market

The global payroll and human resources market value hit $17.2 billion in 2016 and is expected to rise to $41.6 billion by 2026, according to a recently released report by Transparency Market Research, a global market research, analysis and intelligence firm. During this time 80 percent of enterprises plan to purchase or upgrade their talent management solutions. Those figures reflect … Continued

Observations from the Apex HCM Selling Skills Summit

Last week Apex held a first time event, the Selling Skills Summit, S3 for short.  I enjoyed the opportunity to spend two days with nearly 70 Apex clients.  Our clients found S3 to be of tremendous value toward improving their sales effectiveness.  I similarly found S3 to be an insightful networking and feedback event.  Specially, I gained greater insight to … Continued

Five Proven Ways to Incentivize Your Payroll Service Sales Team

Bet you didn’t know this: The word “incentive” is derived from a Latin music term that means “setting the tune.” When it comes to incentivizing employees to do their best, how does your payroll service bureau set a success-driving tune? Compiled from the best practices of top-selling companies, here are five proven practices for motivating your sales team.   Set … Continued

Keys to Sales Success in the Payroll Industry

For twenty years I have owned payroll service bureaus and operated payroll software.  While success in payroll certainly requires keeping up the ever changing rules, regulations, and technology, the one constant to success is closing new sales.  Successfully growing a payroll business requires selling and closing new clients.  What I’ve learned over the years is that sales success requires sales … Continued

Three Ways Payroll Differs for Nonprofits

There’s a major money misconception or two about nonprofit organizations. While many people think that nonprofits are prohibited from deriving income outside of grants and donations, even more believe these companies pay staff less-than-fair wages, if at all. Neither is true however. State law governs nonprofit incorporation while the IRS regulates tax-exempt status. Both entities allow nonprofits to pay reasonable … Continued

Payroll Service Bureaus Biggest Marketing Challenge!

Hubspot, a leading marketing technology company, recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 small and medium size businesses about their marketing challenges. Far and away businesses reported lead generation as their top priority.  Of ten different marketing priorities, 63% selected lead generation.  Interestingly, at Apex we hear similar feedback from our payroll service bureau clients. Apex serves over 300 payroll … Continued

Reasons Why Employers Outsource Payroll

Payroll processing – It’s easy, right? Surprisingly, more than half (56 percent) of 300 small business owners reported in a recent survey that they administer payroll on their own. But payroll professionals know it’s anything but simple. As a payroll service bureau, you know that payroll can be incredibly complex, encompassing everything from tracking employee hours to setting up benefit … Continued

Why Innovation is Critical to Your Payroll Service Bureau’s Success

If pressed to choose America’s most innovative company many undoubtedly would point to Apple, Inc., known for revolutionizing the personal computer, music delivery and the cellphone – three technologies ubiquitous in our lives today. Meanwhile, if asked to recall the biggest product innovation bomb of the same era, one might quickly recall “New Coke” – Coca-Cola’s ill-advised change of its … Continued