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Why Innovation is Critical to Your Payroll Service Bureau’s Success

If pressed to choose America’s most innovative company many undoubtedly would point to Apple, Inc., known for revolutionizing the personal computer, music delivery and the cellphone – three technologies ubiquitous in our lives today. Meanwhile, if asked to recall the biggest product innovation bomb of the same era, one might quickly recall “New Coke” – Coca-Cola’s ill-advised change of its … Continued

Why I Never Regret Attending Conferences

Last week, a colleague at Apex HCM emailed me information about two upcoming conferences: the Selling Skills Summit: S3, July 19-20 and the Apex annual users’ conference, Align 2018, September 20-21. The invitations got me thinking about the dozens of conferences I have attended over the years. Despite the expenses, wearying travel days, and time away from my company and … Continued

Time & Attendance Technology Best Practices

Research shows that upward of 60 percent of US employees are paid on an hourly basis, tracked by employers using electronic hardware and software technology. But most popular systems raise best practice issues in terms of fairness employees. In today’s hyper-informational age, you can bet that savvy employees know when they’re being shortchanged – which can create an unnecessarily contentious … Continued

Automate Everything!

Last week my colleague, Steve Feinberg, President and CPA of AppleTree Business Services, wrote a thought-invoking blog post calling for payroll service bureaus to “Integrate Everything”.  I have a similar mantra that I actively put in to play every day at Payrolls Plus: “Automate Everything”. Statistics show that this year, US companies will spend $8.2 billion on automation of their … Continued

Integrate Everything!

Your payroll service bureau may offer the newest, flashiest software platform with bells and whistles aplenty. But if it doesn’t seamlessly integrate with the plethora of third-party payroll and human capital management systems already flooding the market, you’ve got a rough road ahead. In a recent survey by TechTrends, half of all respondents stated ranked solution complexity and integrations as … Continued

Why Good Salespeople Leave And What You Can Do

Apex Note:  Today, May 11, 2018, we announced open registration for a new Apex event we are calling the Selling Skills Summit: S3.  Every year we lightly touch upon sales issues at our Annual Users’ Conference but our customers keep asking for more. Hence, in Atlanta, July 19-20, we are hosting a 2-day, “roll-up-your-sleeves” sales training event. That training will … Continued

Tips for Hiring Top Payroll Services Sales Reps

Looking for first-rate payroll sales professionals?  LinkedIn’s most recent Emerging Jobs Report ranks sales as the second most in-demand skill (second only to management) among companies hiring nationwide in 2018. Studies show that, across the board, sales teams experience annual  turnover of 20 to 25 percent. In the  payroll industry the turnover is even higher. Drip Marketing reports that upward … Continued

Repeat Customers vs. Loyal Customers

The payroll service industry is based on repeat customers.  Every week, every month, we process payroll and bill our clients.  But a repeat customer isn’t necessarily a loyal customer and knowing the difference can you help maximize revenue, minimize cost and pave the way to growth. So what’s the difference?  Repeat customers purchase out of convenience, price, or simply familiarity.  … Continued

Five Musts for Keeping Millennial Employees Happy

Nine months following the close of World War II, “the cry of the baby was heard across the land,” as historian Landon Jones would describe the Baby Boomers trend. Some 3.4 million babies were born in 1946 – more than any year before in the US. This rate continued over the next two decades, until Boomers numbered some 76.4 million, … Continued

What PSBs and Employers Need to Know About the New Form W-4

The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed in to law by President Trump late last year, has many payroll service bureaus and employers scurrying to understand how the newly enacted legislation will affect their clients and employees. Of particular concern is the impact of the act’s suspension of personal exception deductions – a key component of the IRS’s Form … Continued