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Year End Tips for Payroll Service Bureaus

‘Tis the season – the busy season, that is. December undoubtedly is the most harried time of year for payroll service bureaus and their clients. But it need not be a stressful time if you take a deliberate, disciplined approach to year-end processes. Four top tips for ensuring that your payroll firm and your clientele experience a smooth close out … Continued

Three Keys to Winning Business Through CPA Referrals

In LinkedIn’s most recent State of Sales report, 79 percent of B2B buyers said that, no matter the product or service, it is “very important” or even “critical” to buy from a trusted adviser. Nowhere is that sentiment more applicable than when a company seeks an accounting professional – someone who essentially will serve as the gatekeeper of a business’s … Continued

Four Psychological Triggers that Convert Casual Leads into Paying Customers

It’s been said that no one truly purchases a tangible product. Instead, buyers trade their cash for a product’s intangible benefits, i.e. the way a product makes them feel, solves a problem or simplifies their work, routine or lives. No matter what you’re selling, there are psychological factors that, when applied successfully, will prove invaluable to converting even the most … Continued

Why Employee Punch Rounding is Too Costly for Employers

Why Employee Punch Rounding is Too Costly for Employers As an employer with hourly employees, is your organization still rounding employee punches to the nearest 15-minute mark on timesheets? Do you allow employees to manually enter their time on a time card or spreadsheet, resulting in estimations and approximations? If so, you’re likely paying much more for employee wages, overtime … Continued

Payroll Industry Poised for Growth

Among the top reasons for that potential is a boom in the entrepreneurial spirit, as evidenced by the latest figures from the Barnes Economic Industry report. Researchers say the number of US businesses will grow 2.4 percent in 2018 – the highest projection in four years. And if current trends continue, many of those entrepreneurs will be far more likely … Continued

5 Keys to Payroll Client Retention

Apex HCM 5 Keys to Payroll Client Retention

To that end, we offer these five top keys to payroll client retention: Know what your customer wants – and expect it to change: What your client needs today may vastly differ from what it will need a year or even a few months from now. Not only is it critical to take full accounting of a new client’s needs, … Continued