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The 4 Cs of a Great Hire

A top success key for any business is selecting the right candidate for every position. Making a great hire can help save money and time, maximize productivity and boost morale, while the wrong hire can wreak financial and reputational havoc. Consider these statics:   The average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal up to 30 percent of that individual’s … Continued

Mergers, Acquisitions Rise 90 Percent Among Benefit Brokers in 2017

In 2017,  merger and acquisition activity among benefit brokerage firms shot up a dizzying 90 percent in 2017 compared to 2016, according to a report by Chicago-based OPTIS Partners, an investment banking and financial consulting firm that offers M&A consulting primarily to the insurance brokerage industry. Meanwhile merger and acquisition activity throughout the rest of the business world was relatively … Continued

Three Top Reasons to Outsource Payroll

Outsourcing has been called the next industrial revolution and we’re seeing its massive appeal in some of the most innovative new businesses and industries. A top example: San Francisco-based Uber, which today outsources driving for residents of more than 630 cities worldwide. The trend of outsourcing non-critical business processes is experiencing explosive growth in human resources and payroll. Between 2012 … Continued

Thoughts on the New Federal Tax Policy – From Compliance to Corporate Rates

Apex HCM CEO Weighs In   For weeks, the new federal tax plan has dominated headlines, with media pundits nationwide weighing in on the potential effects for companies and consumers alike. Signed into law by President Trump on December 22, the tax bill represents the most far-reaching overhaul of the United States tax system in decades, drawing both praise and … Continued

Should Your Company Close for Two Weeks?

More American workers are leaving vacation time on the table – and it doesn’t bode well for business, experts say. According to research by Project: Time off, more than half of employees nationwide – 55 percent – left a total of 658 million vacation days unused in 2015. It’s the largest number of under-vacationed Americans that the organization has ever … Continued

Year End Tips for Payroll Service Bureaus

‘Tis the season – the busy season, that is. December undoubtedly is the most harried time of year for payroll service bureaus and their clients. But it need not be a stressful time if you take a deliberate, disciplined approach to year-end processes. Four top tips for ensuring that your payroll firm and your clientele experience a smooth close out … Continued

Three Keys to Winning Business Through CPA Referrals

In LinkedIn’s most recent State of Sales report, 79 percent of B2B buyers said that, no matter the product or service, it is “very important” or even “critical” to buy from a trusted adviser. Nowhere is that sentiment more applicable than when a company seeks an accounting professional – someone who essentially will serve as the gatekeeper of a business’s … Continued

Four Psychological Triggers that Convert Casual Leads into Paying Customers

It’s been said that no one truly purchases a tangible product. Instead, buyers trade their cash for a product’s intangible benefits, i.e. the way a product makes them feel, solves a problem or simplifies their work, routine or lives. No matter what you’re selling, there are psychological factors that, when applied successfully, will prove invaluable to converting even the most … Continued

Why Employee Punch Rounding is Too Costly for Employers

Why Employee Punch Rounding is Too Costly for Employers As an employer with hourly employees, is your organization still rounding employee punches to the nearest 15-minute mark on timesheets? Do you allow employees to manually enter their time on a time card or spreadsheet, resulting in estimations and approximations? If so, you’re likely paying much more for employee wages, overtime … Continued