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Why Conduct and Publish Research?

Guest author Ian Oxman, Chief Marketing Officer for Apex HCM

This week Apex HCM published our latest research, a two-part whitepaper on hiring in the payroll services industry along with a script and guide on how to interview salespeople.  This research project produced our most in depth whitepaper we’ve ever published, over 30 pages in length!   You might ask yourself, “Why the heck does Apex invest such time and resources into publishing payroll industry research?”  The reason is threefold.

First, as a leader in the payroll and HCM software industry, Apex believes it is our obligation to conduct research that helps the industry move forward.  Our past whitepapers such as, “How to Grow a Payroll Business”  and “5 Key Considerations when Buying Payroll Software” each aim to help payroll service bureaus make wise decisions to help grow their businesses and grow the industry.

Second, we also believe in the Chinese proverb, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  Specifically, the more independent payroll service bureaus succeed the stronger becomes our entire industry for vendors such as Apex our customers.  Hence, we post all our research, free of charge, and ungated on our website.  Simply visit to immediately download whitepapers, research briefs and case studies.

Third, we invest time and resources into research, case studies, whitepapers, and this blog, because Apex HCM is a company of professionals passionate about the payroll industry.  We come to work every day with the goal to further our industry, be on the leading edge, and create new payroll technology to help independent payroll service bureaus better serve their clients.  It may sound hokey and as a marketing guy, I do know hokey when I see it.  But, the commitment to research and thought leadership runs deep in our DNA.

Today many people believe that Google is a synonym for research.  We do not.  We believe that research requires talking to people, customers, experts, company owners, and industry veterans.  It’s about probing questions that reveal differing opinions and approaches to common problems.  Our research publications certainly do not contain the silver bullet answers to every one of your questions.  But, they are based on the experiences and knowledge of industry professionals like you that faced similar problems.

If you have not explored the “Resources” tab at I encourage you to do so and download any of the information that might be relevant for you and your business.  Also, check back frequently as we publish new research every month.

Here’s to a rising tide for the payroll industry in 2019!

Ian Oxman is the Chief Marketing Officer for Apex HCM located in Roswell, GA.  Ian has led marketing for several national and international B2B technology firms before joining Apex HCM.  Contact Ian at