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What Top Sales People Want

Whether a tiny start up or a major multi-national corporation, your payroll service bureau’s  growth potential is only as good as your weakest sales professional. To effectively and consistently outpace your competition, it’s imperative that you hire and retain a top notch payroll sales staff. To that end, here are three top factors that the best sales professionals demand in new jobs.


  1. Culture: In a recent survey by, a leading job search and review website, 37 percent of respondents revealed that company culture topped all other factors in evaluating a prospective new job, even beating out salary compensation, which just 20 percent of respondents considered most important. Of course, money still talks – Another 37 percent of respondents listed pay as their second largest motivator. But the takeaway is clear. Up-and-coming sales elite, particularly those of the Millennial generation, seek not just a next paycheck but an environment, mission, values, ethics and expectations that align with their own.
  2. $35,000-$40,000 base salary: In the same survey more than half of the respondents said they would take no less than a base salary of $35,000 or $40,000 (29 percent each) plus commissions. Twelve percent expect a base compensation of at least $55,000. While just seven percent would join a company for $30,000 or less base. Offering $45,000 base salary makes your offer attractive to some 73 percent of the sales market. Note, however, that uncapped commissions have become industry standard.
  3. Opportunity: Today’s best sales pros aren’t looking to stay put for long. More than 80 percent surveyed say they expect plenty of opportunity for promotion in their preferred jobs. An equal number said having great managers is a must and just under 70 percent want to work alongside likeable colleagues; 53 percent cite strong healthcare and other benefits as must-haves, followed closely by extensive training for new hires.


Of course, even the most solid sales staff needs the right tools to do their job and the right technology and service to sell their clients. Apex HCM goes far beyond the payroll basics, offering a full suite of customizable, cloud-based software solutions, payroll software and HCM services all supported with unmatched personal service. Call 877-750-2739 or visit us online to find out how we can help grow your payroll business.