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Top Reasons IOI/TimePlus Payroll Service Bureaus select Apex HCM


Over 40 IOI /TimePlus payroll service bureaus have partnered with Apex HCM as their software partner. Why did they all choose Apex HCM when evaluating a new service bureau platform – those factors include comparable look and feel, enhanced payroll features & functionality, HCM capabilities and strong ACH partners.

The need for a reliable and trustworthy payroll software vendor is imperative when operating a payroll service bureau. And, in light of recent events with IOI/TimePlus, the ability to select a new partner and move quickly are crucial. So why have so many payroll service bureaus selected Apex HCM? That’s a simple answer, it’s easy!

  1. Automated data migration: Apex offers a no cost, simple conversion process. You provide the data and Apex HCM does the rest! Yes, it really is that simple. Apex can have you converted in a matter of days and weeks, not months. No cost to convert.
  2. No end user training required: Apex HCM is the easiest transition an IOI/TimePlus user can make. The Apex HCM platform has a comparable look and feel and a simple newer user interface.
  3. Enhanced features and configurability: Apex HCM is cloud based with many enhanced features and configurability. Because of this, IOI/TimePlus users find the learning curve to be incredibly short. This is a must when a bureau owner has only a few short weeks to select a new vendor and begin converting clients.
  4. ACH Partners: Another important factor when considering your payroll software partner includes the moving of money. At Apex HCM, we have partnered with several of the top 3 ACH providers in the market to provide reliability and trust worthiness when moving money on behalf of your clients.

When considering your next software partner, Apex HCM provides unparalleled advantages with no cost conversion assistance, cloud based reliable software, partnered with best in class ACH providers.

Apex HCM offers suite of fully customizable software and service solutions designed with integration, automation and efficiency in mind. Let us help you build your business and set you apart from your competitors. Call 877-750-2739 or request a demo online.