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NOW is the Time to Switch

to a modern, more robust payroll software platform before QuickBooks Desktop becomes QuickBooks Online

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QuickBooks Desktop Payroll always had issues due to manual, time-consuming processes and lack of flexibility. It may be about to get worse for payroll providers using the software.

With the QuickBooks Desktop discontinuation looming, many firms have switched to QuickBooks Online and have reported that there is even less functionality and flexibility, no backup and restore, and especially when it comes to adding payroll features…it is expensive*. 

You have other options!
If you are a CPA Firm that offers payroll services or a Payroll Service Bureau using QuickBooks Payroll, the time to start looking for a new software solution is NOW. 

* The QuickBooks Online basic plan doesn’t include payroll functionality. If you want to include it into your accounting system, you will have to pay an additional monthly cost (along with a surcharge per each added employee). 

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Read how one Payroll Service Bureau made a software platform change that has made ALL the difference in staff workload, customer satisfaction and the growth of their business

Download this customer success story to learn why and how Applied Payroll Solutions switched their payroll & HR software platform and the impact on their business. They discuss:

  • Why switching platforms was necessary to add more clients (and retain current clients)
  • How they converted all their data to a new platform and the results of the conversion.
  • Ongoing support during and after the conversion.
  • Client and prospective client feedback on the software change.
“If someone had asked just nine months ago whether we could add another 100 clients in the next 10 months, I’d have said no. Growth of any amount just wasn’t scalable. Now, that growth engine has started running and we’re finally saying, ‘Alright, let’s go get another 100 clients.'”
“Conversions are never easy. No matter what you’re converting, there are always 1,000 moving parts. Working with Apex’s conversion specialists, we realized that the process would go far quicker and easier than we expected. That’s what sealed the deal.”

– Martin Nowlin, CEO, Applied Payroll Solutions

Key Considerations When Selecting a New Software Platform

Technical Architecture: Your software platform should be feature rich, reliable, scalable, configurable and able to grow with your firm, always providing you with the support you need to take your next step toward success.

Customer Experience: Your software platform should be easy for your staff AND clients to use. Payroll software that is difficult for clients to interact with will only create additional problems for your team to solve.

Product Partnerships and Integrations: Integration allows your payroll software to easily communicate and collaborate with your existing suite of software solutions, such as your timekeeping application, streamlining your workflow and improving your bottom line.

Automation: Your new payroll software should reduce your workload, and one of the key ways it can do that is with automation that takes care of repetitive, menial tasks and ensures accuracy.

Support: A technology partner will provide a dedicated consultant, in the U.S., that is an expert in payroll processing to help ensure your success long after you have onboarded.

There has never been a better time to switch to a new payroll software platform than RIGHT NOW.

IRIS is offering free payroll processing for 60 days!

Right now is the best time to make a technology change so your data is migrated and your team is up and running before QuickBooks Desktop and the end of year rush of payroll deadlines. Contact us to find out how our Conversion Team can migrate all your data for you.

Book a demo today and see how Apex HCM by IRIS is helping others make the switch and grow their payroll business.

Your Most Competitive and Profitable Move Yet

Converting doesn’t have to cause headaches. Read our payroll software conversion whitepaper on strategies to simplify the conversion process and make the transition as easy as possible.

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