We’ve invested in  protecting your future.

Apex Scores “Excellent” Security Rating from GlobalLogic

“Security is our mindset as our clients have put trust in our organization to protect and safeguard their client information. We are proud to receive such a positive security assessment rating.”

- Robert Digby, CEO, Apex HCM

We Take Security Seriously

On February 18, 2019, we identified that our network had been impacted by a new variant of ransomware malware.

We took this attack very seriously, working vigilantly to revitalize our systems and begin security initiatives to minimize future risk.

No Business is Immune to Cyberattacks



of U.S. businesses have experienced a cyberattack in the past year.

is all it will take for a new business to fall victim to a ransomware attack in 2021.

increase in ransomware attacks over the past two years.

24/7 Third-Party Security Monitoring

Our System Security Initiatives 

Red Canary Managed Detection and Response

Forensics Analysis

All of this and more, but we don't want to give away all of our information to the “bad guys".

Migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud

Dive deeper into the actions that we’ve taken to become one of the most secure payroll software technologies in the market.

In-Depth Internal System Enhancements

We’ve Been All About You Since Day One

From security to service, everything we do, we do for you, your business, and the people who matter the most - your clients.

“I think what Apex has done really well is provide a vision for what we can take to a client; their hearts are really in this thing.” 

 - Robert Y., Valued Apex Customer for 10 Years

A dedicated implementation team to help you smoothly transition your data to Apex.

Thorough training courses with our instructors to make sure you’re an expert.

Live support and online user community to provide top-notch assistance.

Part I: Key Security Initiatives

Part II: Internal Security Enhancements

Proactive Protection Begins With Education

Part III: Introduction of 24/7 Third-Party Monitoring

Part IV: New Predictive Threat Analysis Tool

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