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S3 Series | Three Top Tips for Driving Growth of Your Payroll Firm During Tax Season | Apex HCM


It’s tax time! That means your payroll service bureau or accounting business is busier than ever. Q1 of any year typically means overtime hours, stressed employees, frantic clients and, perhaps most concerning, a screeching halt to business growth at least until after April. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Apex HCM offers three tips for not just surviving but thriving throughout the tax season.


  1. Look for opportunities to upsell: Talking with clients through tax season affords you a peek into other payroll and HCM-related elements of their business, revealing a lot about how well or how poorly those systems are working for them. And you can bet that the stress of the season will open them up to considering changes that can help simplify, streamline and speed up the process in the future. Make sure you and your staff constantly remain well versed in all payroll and HCM software products and services offered and know just how those offerings can fill gaps in your clients’ systems.


  1. Follow up: Of course, tax-time stress may mean that clients aren’t in decision-making mode just yet. That’s why it’s critical that you make a plan to follow up post-tax season. Pre-schedule an appointment (perhaps over coffee for a more relaxed atmosphere) to review the elements you noticed fell short and propose a customized set of products and services that will address all issues, complete with ROI on just how a new, more integrated, cloud-based system will boost your clients’ payroll and HCM efficiency not only at tax time but year-round.


  1. Partner up: Having the right payroll software provider can help assure the additional support you’ll need to keep your firm running smoothly through the most hectic time of the year. While many payroll firms feel pressured to hire seasonal staff, that option requires additional pre-planning and training. Save that time and cost by calling in the services of a team that already knows your product. “Apex HCM customers can come to us for help throughout the season. For instance, we can take over converting new clients that a firm has sold and scheduled to go live during January, February or March,” says Misty Blakesley, Apex HCM’s Director of Sales and Account Management. “It’s all about having a software partner that truly understands your business and all its nuances.”


Apex HCM offers a full suite of customizable, integrated payroll and HCM solutions, including a proprietary tax engine continuously updated with all the latest state and federal tax laws, policies and changes. Federal and state taxes can be filed and paid online in most jurisdictions and we offer a proprietary, market leading reconciliation tool. Call 877-750-2739 today, or contact Apex HCM online to learn more.