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Apex HCM S3 Series: Five Top Skills for Payroll Sales Professionals

A strong sales force is the backbone of every payroll service bureau. Assure yours performs at its full potential by fostering these top five sales-centric skills.

  1. Strategic prospecting: Results of a recent survey showed that more than 40 percent of salespeople polled ranked prospecting as the single most challenging part of the sales process. A clear understanding of just who your target market is and how best to communicate with them is a must.
  2. Active listening: Great salespeople have a reputation for having something of a silver tongue – and with good reason. Persuasive communication skills are a must. But communication also requires active listening, which is where many rookie sales reps fall short. That’s because less experienced pros are far more focused on perfecting their pitch than with asking the right questions and focusing on a prospect’s answers. Further, the best sales pros are adept at subtly mirroring a prospect’s tone and style of speaking to help forge a strong connection. Listen twice as much as you speak.
  3. Demo skills: Knowing your payroll software’s features is one thing. But understanding how to demonstrate those features – particularly the ones that active listening reveals will most effectively address a prospect’s needs – and how to highlight the business value of those features is key. Sharing the story about why a feature is crucial.
  4. Objection prevention and handling: Objections are inevitable in the sales field, no matter what the product or service. Top reps are able to anticipate a prospect’s most likely concerns and offer genuine responses as to how your payroll software and services will solve those issues. This is where extensive role playing in your sales training program can prove helpful.
  5. Closing techniques: The average close rate for all industries is 19 percent. Yet, many of the top reasons for failure to close sales are easily fixable. For instance, 63 percent of all sales interactions end with the sales pro not asking for the sale and 96 percent of salespeople quit after four attempts, though 60 percent of sales happen after the 5th attempt, according to Zig Ziglar.

Above all, make sure that your payroll service bureau and its sales staff offer the most competitive products and sought-after solutions available. Call 866-248-9865 to speak with an Apex HCM representative today or request a demo online.