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Apex HCM S3 Series: Common Sales Objections and How to Handle Them


“I’ve never had an objection to a sales pitch,” said no sales professional in the history of sales professionals, ever. Hesitations, brush offs and outright “No, thank you” responses are to be expected, no matter what you’re selling, including payroll services and software. But an initial objection isn’t necessarily a failure. It’s often an opportunity to learn more about a prospective client and not only close the sale after all, but potentially upsell a new client. Remember, payroll/HCM is a consultative sale.

Apex HCM offers highly effective tips for overcoming these four common sales objections:

  1. “It’s too expensive”: This particular protest likely is voiced more than any other, even by those who have every intention of buying your product or service anyway and are simply aiming for a sweeter deal. No matter the prospect’s true financial resources or reason for haggling on price, understand that focusing on price as a selling point can backfire. That’s because it can give your entire potential customer base a perception of lower quality. Rather, focus on value and your prospect’s projected ROI. Ask the prospect to put their objection to the side and make a decision based on your product and value. Once that decision is made, you can negotiate pricing.
  2. “We’re happy / contracted with another provider”: If a prospective client says he or she is happy with their current provider, they probably are. But that may simply be because they’re unaware of the added value that your payroll solution offers. As writer Hunter S. Thompson once wrote, “You can’t miss what you never had.” Ask a few polite but pointed questions about your prospect’s experience with their current provider – What they like about the provider and their product or service; what they dislike; what they’d change if they could. The moment you spot a gap that you can fill, let the prospect know. And if there’s a contract already in place, consider offering a discount to offset the cost of breaking a contract early or demonstrate ROI that will make up for the sunk cost.
  3. “I’m not sure I can sell this internally”: Your contact likely will need to get a buy-in from higher-ups before agreeing to a significant purchase, particularly in a larger company or accounting firm. First, ask to meet with those final decision makers personally. Otherwise, you’ll need to best prepare the contact for that internal pitch. Ask what objections, questions or concerns he or she anticipates and offer ready-made answers, along with any pertinent marketing collateral.
  4. “Call me next quarter”: This one often is used as a polite brush-off in hopes that you won’t actually call next quarter. Rather than leave things so open-ended, ask the prospect what he or she expects will change in the meantime. This may prove an opportunity for you move ahead with a sales consultation immediately. Otherwise, suggest a date and time to place on the calendar and let the prospect know you’ll follow up to confirm scheduling as the next quarter approaches.


Of course, it helps to have a great product or service to sell. Apex HCM offers payroll software and service resellers an array of payroll, HR and time and attendance solutions developed by industry veterans and tailored for today’s tech-savvy employers and employees. To schedule a demonstration of our fully customizable platforms, call 866-256-1952 or visit us online.