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S3 Growth Series: Four Top Tips for Building Confidence Among Your Payroll Sales Staff | Apex HCM

A recent survey of sales professionals revealed that 61 percent of them consider the job harder or much harder than it was just five years ago. Amon the elements of the job they’re finding tougher: Getting in front of prospects and asking for referrals as well as the pain of switching payroll services. The sobering result: Only 24.3 percent – less than a fourth – of respondents hit their sales quotas last year. It’s among the most common challenges for payroll service bureaus. Apex HCM offers these four tips for boosting confidence among your sales staff:

  1. Never stop educating: More than half – 51 percent – of top performers responding to the survey report being seen as an expert in their field, while just 37 percent of non-top performers see themselves as experts. Providing ongoing training on your products and services is a must. But the best sales pros also will take the extra step to learn about their customers’ industries, assuring they’ll be regarded as a strategic resource rather than simply a product pusher. After all, payroll can be much different for a hospital than for a construction firm. Make the effort to provide a full battery of industry information, trends and tips for each of the various fields your payroll service bureau targets.
  2. Automate: An overwhelming majority of top performers – 81.6 percent – spend four or more hours a day on sales-related activities, such as prospecting, sales, presentations, generating proposals and following up on sales leads, etc. That’s compared to just 60.8 percent of non-top performers, who spend less than four hours a day completing sales-related tasks. Utilizing the right software technologies for your payroll service business, those that automate tasks both for your staff and their clients, alleviates significant time and effort burdens, allowing your sales pros to focus on what they do best, continually improving.
  3. Share success stories: When a member of your sales team achieves a particularly impressive success, recognize it. Then, ask them to present their success story at your next team meeting. Not only will being in the spotlight boost that team member’s confidence, but sharing their tips will further arm the rest of your team with proven tips and techniques.
  4. Create a culture of confidence: Survey respondents ranked company culture and management effectiveness highest in importance when choosing a sales job – higher than commission and job flexibility and significantly higher than base compensation.


These tips, along with attending Apex’s Align conference to improve and hone product and sales skills, will help boost your payroll sales staff’s confidence and performance. Call 877-750-2739 or visit us online to request a demo of Apex HCM’s suite of customizable software and cloud solutions developed specifically for payroll, human resources and time and attendance functions.