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“Reflections on PASBA Fall 2018 Conference” – Apex HCM President Marty Hamby

Guest Author Marty Hamby, President and Co-Founder, Apex HCM

This week I attended the PASBA Conference (Professional Association of Small Business Accountants) in Las Vegas.  Apex HCM sponsored, exhibited and presented a session during the conference.  We also co-hosted a cocktail party with one of our HCM partners, Kotapay.  The room was packed and everyone had a great time.  I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to get out of my office, socialize with old and new PASBA friends and customers and listen to the issues and topics on people’s minds.  I flew home from this year’s PASBA event reflecting on three themes I heard mentioned over and over.

First, optimism.  PASBA members spoke about optimism relative to the economy, the accounting industry, and opportunities for growth in payroll services.  Apex HCM joined PASBA many years ago because so many PASBA members are future minded business people who see payroll and HCM services as a path toward business growth.  Hearing that sentiment reiterated frequently by PASBA members was heartwarming.

Second, complexity.  Complexity continues to grow in so many different areas of business.  While growing complexity certainly makes everyone’s life more difficult it simultaneously spawns new opportunities.  Specifically, opportunities to provide new services or software to customers that address those areas of complexity.  Whether it be managing tax code changes, year-end compliance issues, or implementing new technology, we must continually learn, adapt, and find the opportunities within the complexity.

Third, revenue.   I heard many PASBA members discussing the many opportunities to grow revenue.  I also heard PASBA members talking about clients’ rising expectations in terms of services and access to information.  I shared that often new revenue can be generated by providing clients access to more services via software.  While I recognize this statement to be quite self-serving, I must say that I do see this every day.  Accounting firms offering payroll and HCM cloud based technology, like Apex HCM, are able to create multiple new revenue streams.

The task of preparing for travel, and time away from family, always diminishes my enthusiasm to attend the next trade show or conference, but I must admit afterwards I am always glad I attended.  Sure I’ll face a full inbox upon my return and a backlog of meetings on my calendar; however, and more importantly, I return to the office with new ideas and energy.  So, thank you PASBA and those that attended the conference and shared an evening with Apex HCM and Kotapay.

This blog post is guest authored by Marty Hamby, President and Co-Founder at Apex HCM.   Apex HCM leads the payroll and HCM technology industry and is based in Roswell, GA.  You can reach Ian at