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Reflections on 2018 from Apex HCM


Guest Author Robert Digby, Chief Executive Officer for Apex HCM

As the year-end quickly approaches, and your attention quickly turns to servicing clients during the busiest time of year, I just wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on 2018 and share a peak into what’s in store for 2019 for payroll service providers and us as a payroll software provider.


But, I cannot begin without expressing my most sincere thank you to every Apex HCM customer.  As I now complete my first year on the job I appreciate the warm welcomes, the new friendships, and the candid conversations!  We are lucky to serve customers that share their praise when we do right and are fair in the criticism when we need improvement.  I can assure you that across our entire organization, Apex HCM acts on your feedback every day.


Two observations on how 2018 was quite a different year.

  1. Business Growth – 2018 certainly produced explosive growth for the American economy, business hiring, and growth for payroll service bureaus. We’ve seen our customers grow their businesses not only due to the economy but largely due to aggressively marketing HCM services such as: Workers Comp, ACA, HR support, Hiring and Onboarding, Time and Attendance.  Payroll companies can no longer be simply payroll centric.
  2. Future Minded – More payroll service bureaus than I can ever recall talking about new technology, new services, and expanding their businesses. In 2018, nearly 100 payroll service bureaus signed with Apex HCM.  Most of these service bureaus switched to Apex from older payroll software platforms not because they wanted to save money but rather to drive future revenue.

Now we look toward 2019.  Will the economy continue to grow as rapidly?  If the past few weeks of Wall Street are any indication, it’s uncertain.  Will payroll service bureaus continue to be as future minded?  On this question I am certain and firmly believe payroll service bureaus will become not only more future minded but begin implementing new plans focused on their future.  As employers and employees push their payroll providers to leverage cloud technology, mobile technology and voice technology, payroll services bureaus will respond.  As users demand easier to operate intuitive software interfaces, payroll service bureaus will respond.


I am so confident of these trends that we’ve dedicated significant resources and new hires at Apex HCM to build the payroll software of tomorrow right now.  When tomorrow comes, we’ll have a new system designed as a seamless upgrade from the current system.  As I look at 2019, I see a pivotal year approaching where Apex HCM will lead the payroll technology industry by introducing a state of the art user interface and user experience built upon the latest technology and cloud-based architecture.


Robert Digby is the Chief Executive Officer for Apex HCM located in Roswell, GA.  Robert has held executive leadership roles in the payroll software industry for nearly 25 years.