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Reasons to Keep Reading our Blog in 2019


Guest author Ian Oxman, Chief Marketing Officer for Apex HCM

2019 is here and in the payroll business we kick-off the season with our busiest time of the entire year.  I liken our industry to how NASCAR starts their year.  First race is the biggest race of the year, the Daytona 500.  No time to get ready just start the year off running full speed!

Given your limited free time, I understand you must pick and choose what to spend time reading.   Not just in January but all year long.  Hence, in order to us to keep earning your readership, week after week, I wanted to a quick few minutes to share why devoting time to read our weekly blog will be a worthwhile investment for you throughout the new year.


Reason #1 – Discover new ideas and strategies to grow your payroll business.  The Apex HCM Blog remains the only weekly blog in the payroll industry devoted to helping independent payroll service bureau operators with ideas and strategies to grow their business, their client base, and their revenue.  We pledge to maintain this focus throughout 2019 and provide you actionable growth ideas for your business.

Reason #2 – Keep informed on industry news to improve your business operations and maintain compliance.   While the Apex HCM Blog largely focuses on business growth, we also regularly cover timely topics on compliance and operations.

Reason #3 – Learn from other payroll bureau operators.  While several solid industry newsletters currently exist, the Apex HCM Blog sources most our content directly from payroll service bureaus.  In fact, many of our weekly posts are directly authored by payroll service bureaus.

Reason #4 – Become a guest blogger yourself!   Share your knowledge with other payroll service bureaus and become a guest author for the Apex HCM blog.  You can submit your thoughts and ideas for a blog post whether you are an Apex customer or not.   Simply send me your blog post idea to


As my favorite comedian, Steven Wright, once said, “I was reading the dictionary and thought it was a long poem about everything.”  The Apex HCM blog is neither a long poem nor is it about everything.   But our blog does address relevant topics actionable for you and your payroll business.   And, I pledge that you won’t regret investing the time to read it each week in 2019.


Ian Oxman is the Chief Marketing Officer for Apex HCM located in Roswell, GA.  Ian has led marketing for several national and international B2B technology firms before joining Apex HCM.  Contact Ian at