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Part IV: New Predictive Threat Analysis Tool to Prevent Future Apex Ransomware Attacks

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After extensive research, analysis, and cyber consultation, we learned that the key to minimizing the risk of another Apex ransomware attack occurring is by leveraging the predict-and-prevent method to our security measures. While we were adequately utilizing various types of security measures during the time of the February attack, we have since implemented a more advanced,  high-tech, cloud predictive threat analysis tool that drastically decreases our cyber risk.

About the Cloud Analysis Tool

Because the strand of Apex ransomware malware that infected our systems was a new variant that anti-virus protection programs were not familiar with, we wanted to make sure that we are adequately preventing ourselves from future attacks from other never-before-seen variants of ransomware. 

With the implementation of the cloud-based predictive threat analysis tool, our risk management team (both internal and third-party) will be able to analyze patterns, behavior analytics, and indicators of potential attacks before they even occur. This includes known variants, ones that have yet to be discovered, and those that have bypassed traditional signature based detection techniques. Through taking this predict-and-prevent approach, we are better prepared for and secured against changing behaviors and characteristics of malicious malware. 

Through the implementation of this cloud analysis tool, coupled with our 24/7 third-party monitoring and enhanced internal security measures, we’ve scored an “Excellent” security rating from GlobalLogic, establishing ourselves as one of the most secure payroll and HCM applications available on the market.

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