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National Payroll Week Celebrates Those Who Keep America Working


Once upon a time, a company payroll department’s one and only function was to make sure that all employees were paid correctly and on time – and with good reason. A recent survey by the American Payroll Association (APA) revealed that 66 percent of Americans would experience financial difficulty if their paychecks were delayed by just one week. But while that fundamental element remains at the core of the payroll professional’s job, there’s a lot more at stake these days.

Today’s payroll services pros also are data analysts, compliance chiefs and tech whizzes tasked with keeping up-to-the-minute on industry trends, governmental and legal requirements and the ever-evolving needs and expectations of a multi-generational workforce. They’re arguably the superheroes of the business world and that’s why we celebrate them each year during National Payroll Week.

Launched in 1996 by the APA, National Payroll Week (NPW) celebrates the partnership between America’s payroll professionals, the employees they serve and the critical government programs and agencies that our nation’s payroll system funds. Via the payroll withholding system, these professionals collect, contribute and report some 70 percent of the US Treasury’s annual revenue.

Quite appropriately, NPW always coincides with the week of Labor Day, the federal holiday that, since the late 1880s, honors the American labor movement and the contributions that all workers make to the prosperity and well-being of the country. The annual NPW campaign’s slogan – “America works because we’re working for America®” – reflects the industry’s vital role in funding critically important government programs that keep our nation running smoothly, including Medicare, which provides assistance to retired and disabled workers as well as the children of deceased workers; Social Security; the building of highways and other federal, state and municipal infrastructure projects; the US military and much more.

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