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We Don’t Take Customer Service Lightly

Since 2017 we decided to partner with Apex and stay with Apex just because of the customer support that we get. Whenever we need something, we’re able to get someone live on the phone or put in a ticket and have someone respond back to us really quickly.

-Frank Plum, President, Workplace HCM

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Client Implementation Success

Onboarding to a new software system involves time, expense, and effort. To ensure your implementation success, we employ a team of people whose only job is to minimize all three.

Unmatched Personal Service

From your initial training to client onboarding, you can count on us to personally assist you with live customer service from experienced professionals.

Full-Featured, Customizable Technology

All-in-one homogeneous, modern software platform that enables you to offer the full spectrum of services to your clients – from Payroll to Human Resources, to Time & Attendance and more.

If your current provider isn’t offering the right support and technology, we should talk.

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Your Most Competitive and Profitable Move Yet

This white paper explains why and outlines just how your payroll firm can minimize the complexity and stress of the conversion process and maximize your ROI.

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We were seeking a payroll software company that was investing in growth and keeping up with the ever-changing needs of modern employers and their employees. We found what we were looking for in Apex HCM.
Jon Dyer
Accountant, Payroll Specialist, Owner, CheckRight NW