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Part I: Key Security Initiatives Taken After Apex Ransomware Attack

This is post is a part of a 4 blog series on the Apex ransomware attack. To view the remaining blog posts, click here.

On February 18th, 2019, we identified that our network was impacted by a new variant of ransomware. But we weren’t the only ones. Last year, over 850 million ransomware infections were detected worldwide, and every 40 seconds a business is hit with a ransomware attackWe’ve taken this Apex ransomware attack incredibly seriously, as our customers and their businesses are always our number one priority. We’ve dedicated the last 10 months to really dig deep and do all we can to advance our security measures, becoming one of the most secure payroll software companies in the market scoring an “Excellent” security rating from GlobalLogic.

Security is our mindset. As our clients trust us to protect and safeguard their most valuable client information. Further, it is expected that most U.S. Businesses will undergo a cyber-attack in the next five years and everything that we do has security at the forefront of our planning.” – Robert Digby, CEO, Apex HCM

Our Key System Security Initiatives 

Your business’s safety and security are always at the forefront of our minds. With this in mind, we’ve ensured that each of our key security initiatives has been guided by highly regarded security professionals to drastically minimize the possibility of another Apex ransomware attack affecting us in the future. 

Some of our key security initiatives include:

No business is immune to cyberattacks, but we’re making sure to minimize our future risk in every way possible. For more information on our Apex ransomware response and key security initiatives, click here.

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