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Apex HCM S3 Series: How Millennial Employees are Changing the Way Companies Approach Sales

In just a year, Millennials, defined as those aged 18-35 in 2015, will comprise nearly half – 46 percent – of the nation’s workforce, according to population projections from the US Census bureau. Within another decade, that figure will rise to 75 percent. Everyone knows that this generation grew up in a tech-heavy world with online resources that fundamentally changed the way Americans gather and process information, analyze data and communicate. But the savviest of employers are beginning to understand and respond to the way Millennials approach sales.

Here are three top ways to leverage the millennial MO to improve sales in your payroll software and service bureau:

  1. Learn and use emerging technology: Dubbed “digital natives,” Millennials are the first generation with members who have grown up with internet access from day one (The World Wide Web went live in August 1991, though it would take a few more years for the public to catch on). With easier, faster and more constant access to information than any other age group, Millennials are quick to adapt to new software and devices. They’re also capable of pinpointing and analyzing data from large volumes of information – a skill that’s critical in the sales field. And since they understand and apply technology so easily, they possess an uncanny ability to communicate and sell tech products and services like payroll and HR software.


  1. Facilitate their independent – and not so independent – mindsets: While they’re far more networked with friends and colleagues than older generations, making them highly effective collaborators and team players, growing up with the internet and a network of friends just a text away taught them to figure out things on their own. Thus, they’re more accustomed to taking initiative, trying new things and reaching out to new people – ie: prospective new payroll customers. They’re also highly proficient multitaskers with 10 times the speed and technical knowledge of their older coworkers. These seemingly contradictory factors mean you’ll need to tailor your approach to training and leading sales staff of this generation. Millennials don’t take well to orders resent being handed busywork with no explanation as to its purpose. Yet, research shows that this group also thrives on constructive professional feedback with 42 percent expecting feedback from managers every week – over twice the percentage of every other generation currently in the workforce.


  1. Provide flexibility in communication: Various surveys reveal that Millennials switch their attention between media platforms such as laptops, smartphones and tablets an average 27 times per hour, while previous generations average just 17 times. More than 41 percent of this generation prefer to communicate via electronic channels rather than face-to-face or by phone, with 73 percent choosing email as their primary mode of communication at work. And nearly two thirds of Millennial workers say they’re motivated by video meetings and team messaging. To best capitalize on these communication preferences, make sure that your workplace allows for them both internally and for connecting with clients and sales prospects.


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