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4 Psychological Triggers that Convert Casual Leads into Paying Customers

It’s been said that no one truly purchases a tangible product. Instead, buyers trade their cash for a product’s intangible benefits, i.e. the way a product makes them feel, solves a problem or simplifies their work, routine or lives. No matter what you’re selling, there are psychological factors that, when applied successfully, will prove invaluable to converting even the most casual leads into paying customers.

Here are four top mind triggers to help boost your payroll and human resources services sales:

  1. Pain vs. pleasure: By far, the most basic driving factor in human behavior – and purchase decisions – is the need to avoid pain and the desire to gain pleasure. Anyone who has worked in payroll or human resources knows that they can be complex, time-consuming and headache-inducing processes, particularly when lacking the latest software and technology. That’s where your unique products and services come in. Explain just how allowing your company to augment or take full control of a potential client’s payroll and HR operations can turn a painful process into a pleasurable one and you’re all but assured a sale. The key is to clearly understand which specific portions of the overall operation that prospective customers find most troublesome and show how features of your products and services can make the difference.
  2. Word-of-mouth still the gold standard: Word-of-mouth has been considered the most effective form of advertising for centuries – and with good reason. People trust and seek out the opinions of friends, colleagues, mentors and others who are in similar situations when making purchase decision of any sort, especially when costs and the benefits of a good decision or consequences a poor one can be significant. To that end, testimonials by clients who have benefitted from your products and services posted on your website and social media sites (the primary engine for word-of-mouth promotion today) and included in other marketing materials and platforms, along with highly recognizable client logos, can communicate a strong message of approval to others in the same or similar target markets. If the sheer numbers of clients using various products and services are strong enough, be sure to include those as well. There’s a sense of safety-in-numbers when it comes to purchase decisions.
  3. Pique curiosity: You may have heard of Carnegie Mellon University Professor George Loewenstein’s Information Gap Theory, which maintains that when there exists a gap between what people know and what they want to know, they invariably will take action to fill that gap. Use this theory to your advantage in your marketing by giving potential clients a glimpse of what your products and services can help them achieve, followed by a call-to-action to learn more. A key here is to determine just what questions those in your target market are asking and communicate answers in a short multi-step process. For example, tease a product or service feature on your social media sites and include a link to an informational landing page or a sign-up page where they can enter their contact information for a heads-up on new product releases or request a phone call from your representative.
  4. VIP treatment: Of utmost importance is making both your prospective customers and your current customers who might be apt to upgrade their purchases feel important. Replace or follow up instant email replies with direct, personal communication. Ask questions to make sure that the client has a thorough understanding of all applicable products and services, and offer a customized solution, or simply thank them for their new or continued business. Continue this service-after-the-sale with regular (monthly, quarterly, etc.) communications to ensure long-term client retention.

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