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Five Stress Relievers After Close of Tax Season


Tax season, that fist-clenching, teeth-grinding and head-pounding time of year. Across the board, it’s a hectic time for most anyone, but especially for those working in accounting-related fields, including payroll professionals. After all, you must contend with your own personal and business taxes but also help your clients with their tax filing.

Now that another tax year is nearly wrapped, it’s time to regroup and relax. Apex HCM offers these five top ideas for helping your payroll staff unwind and recharge:


  1. Get out the aggression: You know you’ll all have some. So plan to release all that post-tax-time aggression in an effective, fun, even healthy way. Plan a game day outing to a local arcade or playing field or range where your staff can battle it out with a few heated games of foosball, darts, softball or, if you dare, axe throwing. Yes, you read that correctly. An increasingly popular import from Canada, axe throwing ranges are popping up across the nation, offering group training and practice. Or, if you fancy something less violent, just take your team dancing to loosen up and have some fun.


  1. Date night / me day: Reward each of your team members with an envelope holding attaboy/attagirl card and gift cards for dinner at a local restaurant; tickets for a movie, concert, stage show or game; even a babysitter budget for staff with children. Recognize the time they’ve spent away from family and thank them with a special night out.


  1. Feed ‘em: Everyone loves lunch on the boss’s dime. Call in catering of a healthy meal with a few not-so-healthy indulgences. This can prove highly effective both during the busiest of tax-prep days when workers need a morale boost and as a celebration of the end of another successful tax season.


  1. On-site spa day: Hire a traveling massage therapist, pedicurist or yoga instructor to come to your office for a mini, on-site spa session to help your staff relax during or after tax season. A similar option – a big screen TV with video games or even a golf or tennis simulation setup.


  1. Retreat: Whether a single-day, in-town outing or a multi-day out-of-town retreat, an off-site conference can provide a much needed change of scenery and a chance to decompress; discuss the good, bad and ugly of the tax season; and share ideas and plans for your firm’s next 12 months and to conduct a post tax season postmortem.


Apex HCM congratulates you and your payroll staff on successfully surviving another tax season. Call 877-750-2739 or schedule a demo online to find out how we can help assure your payroll software and service firm continued success over 2019 and help make next year’s tax season a bit easier.