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Reasons To Attend


Attending the Selling Skills Summit is truly a direct investment into accelerating the effectiveness of your sales efforts. Whether you are a salesperson, a sales manager, or an owner, you will return to your office more knowledgeable, productive, and ready to produce more sales.

  1. Product Demo Training – sessions focused not on how to use Apex HCM products but how best to demonstrate the key functionality and features to clients.
  2. Sales Best Practices – if sales is not your primary business background, learning the key best practices to prospecting, conducting sales meeting, managing the funnel and closing sales are critical to your success.
  3. Discover New Revenue – many payroll operators and salespeople are unaware of the many ancillary revenue streams possible through the Apex HCM platform. This can become immediate revenue opportunities from your existing clients and ways to sign new client to more lucrative contracts.
  4. Networking – meet people in your same job from different companies across the country and establish new collegial relationships you can leverage for help and ideas throughout the year. Rest assure the problems you face are common with other attendees. Broaden your professional network to help you solve those problems.
  5. Workshop Discussions – many sessions based on open conversations between payroll service bureaus discussing their sales issues and ideas.