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Time & Attendance Technology Best Practices

Time Attendance Technology

Research shows that upward of 60 percent of US employees are paid on an hourly basis, tracked by employers using electronic hardware and software technology. But most popular systems raise best practice issues in terms of fairness employees. In today’s hyper-informational age, you can bet that savvy employees know when they’re being shortchanged – which can create an unnecessarily contentious … Continued

Should Your Company Close for Two Weeks?

More American workers are leaving vacation time on the table – and it doesn’t bode well for business, experts say. According to research by Project: Time off, more than half of employees nationwide – 55 percent – left a total of 658 million vacation days unused in 2015. It’s the largest number of under-vacationed Americans that the organization has ever … Continued

Why Employee Punch Rounding is Too Costly for Employers

Why Employee Punch Rounding is Too Costly for Employers As an employer with hourly employees, is your organization still rounding employee punches to the nearest 15-minute mark on timesheets? Do you allow employees to manually enter their time on a time card or spreadsheet, resulting in estimations and approximations? If so, you’re likely paying much more for employee wages, overtime … Continued