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New Federal W-4 – and What it Means for Clients | Apex HCM

Drawing on input from payroll professionals and taxpayers, the US Department of the Treasury and the IRS released a new design for the Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, for calendar year 2020. Yes, it’s one more thing on the tax-time to-do list. But, according to Apex HCM’s Vice President of Product Management, Wes Muschara, it’s also “an opportunity for … Continued

Five Stress Relievers After Close of Tax Season

Tax season, that fist-clenching, teeth-grinding and head-pounding time of year. Across the board, it’s a hectic time for most anyone, but especially for those working in accounting-related fields, including payroll professionals. After all, you must contend with your own personal and business taxes but also help your clients with their tax filing. Now that another tax year is nearly wrapped, … Continued

What PSBs and Employers Need to Know About the New Form W-4

New W-4 Form

The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed in to law by President Trump late last year, has many payroll service bureaus and employers scurrying to understand how the newly enacted legislation will affect their clients and employees. Of particular concern is the impact of the act’s suspension of personal exception deductions – a key component of the IRS’s Form … Continued

Thoughts on the New Federal Tax Policy – From Compliance to Corporate Rates

Apex HCM CEO Weighs In   For weeks, the new federal tax plan has dominated headlines, with media pundits nationwide weighing in on the potential effects for companies and consumers alike. Signed into law by President Trump on December 22, the tax bill represents the most far-reaching overhaul of the United States tax system in decades, drawing both praise and … Continued

3 Keys to Winning Business Through CPA Referrals

In LinkedIn’s most recent State of Sales report, 79 percent of B2B buyers said that, no matter the product or service, it is “very important” or even “critical” to buy from a trusted adviser. Nowhere is that sentiment more applicable than when a company seeks an accounting professional – someone who essentially will serve as the gatekeeper of a business’s … Continued