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Apex HCM S3 Series: Five Top Skills for Payroll Sales Professionals

A strong sales force is the backbone of every payroll service bureau. Assure yours performs at its full potential by fostering these top five sales-centric skills. Strategic prospecting: Results of a recent survey showed that more than 40 percent of salespeople polled ranked prospecting as the single most challenging part of the sales process. A clear understanding of just who … Continued

Apex HCM S3 Series: Three Ways Effective Sales Training Reduces New Employee Ramp-Up Time and Saves Your Payroll Service Bureau

Generally speaking, the ramp-up period for a new sales professional equals the length of the sales cycle, plus 90 days. It’s a simplistic, but also very telling formula. Consider this: If your payroll software or service firm’s typical sales cycle is three months, that additional 90 days of training and acclimation means that it can take upward of six months … Continued