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S3 Series | Three Payroll Mistakes DIY Employers Make | Apex HCM

According to a recent report by Raleigh, NC-based procurement intelligence firm Beroe, Inc., the global market for payroll outsourcing will rise to upward of $22 billion next year – up from $16.4 billion in 2015. If you’re starting or building a payroll service bureau, a share of that growing opportunity can be yours if you understand just how outsourcing payroll … Continued

New Federal W-4 – and What it Means for Clients | Apex HCM

Drawing on input from payroll professionals and taxpayers, the US Department of the Treasury and the IRS released a new design for the Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, for calendar year 2020. Yes, it’s one more thing on the tax-time to-do list. But, according to Apex HCM’s Vice President of Product Management, Wes Muschara, it’s also “an opportunity for … Continued

2019 APA State of Payroll Study – How Perceptions are Changing from Tactical to Strategic I Apex HCM

Payroll historically has been viewed as a tactical function – one that’s calculated, expedient and heavy on procedure aimed at a precise outcome. But perceptions in and of the industry are changing, according to a recent study by the American Payroll Association. Results of APA’s survey of 651 payroll professionals throughout North America reveal that as more organizations are investing … Continued

S3 Series | Top Questions Companies Ask When Considering New Payroll Software Providers| Apex HCM

Business owners seeking to make payroll processing more efficient increasingly are opting for outsourcing to experienced payroll firms, particularly those offering proven cloud-based software solutions. And, of course, they’re all looking for the “best” available. Trouble is, there’s no such thing. Every potential client will require something different and a one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn’t exist. It’s among the top challenges … Continued

S3 Series | Why Small Businesses are More Prone to Payroll Fraud and How Your Payroll Service Bureau Can Help | Apex HCM

In February 2017, a payroll administrator for Oklahoma’s Arrow Heights Baptist Church was hit with five charges of embezzlement by employee for diverting upward of $245,000 to her own pockets, using the stolen money to pay credit card bills, travel and buy concert and theme park tickets. Her ruse came to light only when the church’s pastor opted to outsource … Continued

S3 Series | Outsourcing: Why Payroll is a Prime Opportunity | Apex HCM

There’s good news for payroll service bureaus looking to boost their client bases and revenues. According to a recent report by Raleigh, NC-based procurement intelligence firm Beroe, Inc., the global market for payroll outsourcing is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.4 percent until 2023. This growth rate reflects an increase in market value from … Continued

Five Reasons Your Accounting Firm Should Offer Payroll | Apex HCM

Increasing legislation, DIY software encroachment and a still-tight economy mean that today’s accounting firms increasingly are under pressure to grow revenues and client bases. That’s why so many accounting businesses are adding non-seasonal, year-round services to their offerings – and the savviest among them are offering cloud-based payroll services. A 2018 survey by Accounting Today showed that showed that more … Continued

Top Reasons IOI/TimePlus Payroll Service Bureaus select Apex HCM

Over 40 IOI /TimePlus payroll service bureaus have partnered with Apex HCM as their software partner. Why did they all choose Apex HCM when evaluating a new service bureau platform – those factors include comparable look and feel, enhanced payroll features & functionality, HCM capabilities and strong ACH partners. The need for a reliable and trustworthy payroll software vendor is … Continued

Three Top Mistakes Made by New Payroll Companies and How to Avoid Them

A 2018 survey by Accounting Today showed that more than half – 56 percent – of small accounting firms nationwide offer payroll services and another 10 percent plan to add them. Some 65 percent of medium-sized firms and 69 percent of large firms also do payroll, with 13 percent and six percent, respectively, planning to add those services. And with … Continued

Five Top Tips for Creating Visibility for Your Payroll Firm

As of 2018, the North American payroll and human resources market boasted a $7 billion value. If you’re looking to get your piece of that incredibly profitable pie, you’ll need to boost your marketing game – especially if you’re among the growing number of entrepreneurs launching or looking to grow payroll firms. Not only are you competing against your similarly-sized … Continued