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3 Keys to Winning Business Through CPA Referrals

In LinkedIn’s most recent State of Sales report, 79 percent of B2B buyers said that, no matter the product or service, it is “very important” or even “critical” to buy from a trusted adviser. Nowhere is that sentiment more applicable than when a company seeks an accounting professional – someone who essentially will serve as the gatekeeper of a business’s … Continued

4 Psychological Triggers that Convert Casual Leads into Paying Customers

It’s been said that no one truly purchases a tangible product. Instead, buyers trade their cash for a product’s intangible benefits, i.e. the way a product makes them feel, solves a problem or simplifies their work, routine or lives. No matter what you’re selling, there are psychological factors that, when applied successfully, will prove invaluable to converting even the most … Continued