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How New Software Boosted Growth for a Payroll Service Bureau

Paul St. Martin, owner of One Check Payroll Services in Taunton, MA.

Much has changed in the payroll services business since the founding of Taunton, MA based One Check HCM in 1996. Payroll providers are now providing human capital management services via software to streamline processes for recruiting, onboarding, ACA, and many other human resources activities. Today’s savviest employees demand mobile access and self-service portals where they can set up profiles, change their payroll withholdings and choose whether to be paid via direct deposit, check or debit card, for instance. Meanwhile, compliance issues are becoming ever more complex.

For a guy who came to payroll after 20 years in the telecommunications and computer industries, it all proved quite the challenge.  I never intended to run, much less own, a payroll business before purchasing One Check in 2013.  However, now looking back nearly five years later, I am certainly glad I entered the payroll industry.  While it took me some time to learn all the ins and outs of payroll processing, I did quickly spot some market trends.  One was the payroll industry’s move toward HCM services.  Hence, in 2013, soon after I purchased One Check, I called Apex HCM for help to increase my firm’s efficiency, profitably, and revenue growth.

I wanted to offer add-on services like HR back-office and benefits, because payroll is more than just processing and printing checks. I called Apex because of their history; where they came from, how they had grown, and how they planned to grow in the future.

Apex professionals helped me develop a customized software platform designed to address One Check’s unique needs.  This tailored approach enabled us to offer added value for my existing clients and more effectively attract and add new clients to the roster. One Check grew from a local provider for 350 customers to now a national provider with over 1,400 customers and expanding at over 100 new clients per year.

In the end, Apex allowed us to compete with the bigger guys. About 75 percent of our new clients converted over from ADP or Paychex, and we can service those client’s needs, thanks to Apex feature-rich platform.

Apex HCM leads the independent payroll service bureau industry in licensing cloud-based payroll and HCM software, combining technology and personal service to streamline payroll and other workforce management processes. Apex recently surveyed their payroll service bureau customers and found an average annual growth rate of nearly 20 percent per year which far outpaces the payroll industry average.  I count my business as one of those payroll service bureaus growing faster than the industry average.  If you are looking to accelerate your firms growth, I do recommend you investigate your software options as a starting point.


Paul St. Martin owns One Check Payroll Services located at 10 Court Street, Taunton, MA (508) 822-8080.  Paul can be reached by email at