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Part III: Apex Payroll Ransomware Introduction of 24/7 Third-Party Monitoring

This is post is a part of a 4 blog series on the Apex payroll ransomware attack. To view the remaining blog posts, click here.

Our number one mission after being informed that our network had been impacted by a ransomware attack was to protect client data at all costs. After an extensive forensic investigation* reported that no unauthorized access to or exfiltration of customer data occurred, we immediately took action to help minimize future cyber risk and reinstill customer confidence and trust by introducing real-time, 24/7 advanced third-party alert monitoring by security experts. 

  • What this means: This third-party monitoring initiative will ensure that we have constant endpoint monitorization, advanced threat detection, incident response automation, and 24/7 threat confirmation of inside and outside events at all times. 
  • How it’s used in our defense strategy: Using advanced threat detection to identify and rank potential security events, the monitoring team will actively report quick, real-time automated alerts to both our internal Apex team and an additional team of third-party experts so that we can immediately take action when a threat is confirmed.

As always, providing unmatched personal service is our top priority, and through our key security initiatives, we’re committed to providing a secure future for both our business and yours. For more information on our Apex payroll ransomware response and key security initiatives, click here.

*The investigation conducted by a third-party cyber-security firm into the February Cyber-attack, did not uncover any evidence to suggest that threat actors attempted to access, collect, stage, or exfiltrate data – sensitive or otherwise. On the contrary, all evidence suggests threat actors infiltrated the Apex environment for the sole purpose of launching and monetizing a ransomware attack.